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World Ports Org

Write For Us

The mediakits (including the site http://www.worldports.org) of World Ports Organization is the meeting point for an international network of correspondents covering all of the key shipping regions and ports around the globe.

Our talented writers have hundreds of years of experience between them and each brings a different insight to the news stories of the day.

We welcome contributions from experienced specialists, analysts and writers. You should be an authority on the subject you are writing about.

The value-added we provide our readers is thorough, accessible explanations of what’s happening in world ports and maritime industry and why it matters. You are free to include your opinion in your submissions, but it must be constructive, not polemical.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for accuracy, clarity, grammar, and style.


Length: Articles should be between 750 and 1500 words in length.

Style: Please keep the tone analytical and conversational. We are not an academic journal.

Citations: Please provide both in-text and link citations for all factual claims and ideas that are derived from the work of others.

Email us pitches or completed articles at: worldportsorg@gmail.com

Include the word “Pitch” at the beginning of your email subject, followed by the topic of your article.

In the email body, provide your full name, affiliation, a brief bio, links to previous publications, and a detailed pitch or completed draft.

If you are keen on writing for us, and we shall be in touch to discuss the next steps in detail.

Best wishes and thank you in advance for your contribution to the World Ports Organization.

The Editor in Chief